My Approach

I am an avid mountain bike rider and snowboarder. I also love the water, and have been known to sea kayak, hike, skateboard, and practice martial arts. All of these activities require me to be well-nourished, but not to the point where I’m putting on excess weight. It is the pursuit of this lifestyle that informs my creativity as a chef.

The guidelines I use to build my menus are the result of two of the most prolific studies in food and nutrition. The Ansel Keys starvation experiment, and the John Yudkin Study. I could get into why this particular model appeals to me, but Tim Ferris does a much better job of explaining why these studies are of particular interest. I have included the link below for your convenience. Basically It all boils down to an optimum ratio of protein/fat /carbohydrates being 22/60/17. I like this model and have chosen to adopt it as my template because it allows for the most culinary creativity without the need to completely exclude entire groups of macronutrients. This makes it easier to follow with fewer adjustments to most people’s eating habits. Further to that, it can be easily modified to accommodate dietary choices such as vegan, keto, and vegetarian.

My Story

I’ve been cooking professionally for 13+ years, having lived through the grind as a line cook, sous chef, and executive chef I have sought a more sustainable means of practicing my passion and craft and sharing it with as many people as possible. This website is the first step towards realizing that dream.

Steve Macleod


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