Beet Salad

Roasted and fresh local beets, candied Fraser Valley hazelnuts, goat cheese, apple, celery, and apple cider vinaigrette.


winter squash salad

Roasted butternut and kobucha squash, fresh greens, wilted kale and chard, toasted pumpkin seeds, fresh, house made ricotta, Maple Balsamic dressing.


Tofu and winter greens

Crispy fried tofu, house made teriyaki and pickled ginger, wilted chard greens, miso and smoked cheddar crema.


crispy ling

Panko and basil breaded pacific ling cod, fennel and apple slaw, with a chiffonade of fresh basil chard greens. beet aioli, apple cider glaze.


grilled portabello and potato

Warm salad with grilled strips of portabello mushroom, and roast potato. Brunoise of red pepper, shallot and bacon, sundried tomato and dijon emulsion.



3 Extra large U10 BC scallops, seared in cast iron with quick pickled cabbage, fennel, red onion. Grapefruit and orange supreme, citrus aioli, and chard greens.


Make it even better

Add any of the following:
maple glazed steelhead
house smoked chicken
grilled flank steak
butter poached spot prawn
crisp tofu



Indv Charcuterie

Prosciutto, salami, local jerky and pepperettes. Coastal cheddar, pistachio crusted goat cheese, candied fraser valley hazelnuts, house fermented mustard and crusty bread


group charcuterie

Same as above - but feeds 4 as an appetizer



hand rolled canneloni

Fresh house made pasta stuffed with browned local beef, roast garlic, herbs, squash and goat cheese, marinara of local tomatoes, topped with fresh mozzarella and baked.


Simple lasagna

5 layer lasagna with fresh, house made pasta, marinara of local tomatoes, ground beef, spinach, basil with fresh ricotta and mozzarella.


portabello and eggplant

Grilled portabello and crsipy fried eggplant layered between fresh spinach and basil, marinara, mozzarella, and crumbled fried tempeh.








spiced apple and blackberry cake

Fresh blackberries and apples baked with cinnamon and served with maple creme anglaise


dulce de leche chocolate torte

date and pecan crust, dulce de leche middle, and dark chocolate, topped with blackberry compote and whipped cream.