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Soups are sold by the litre. All soups are made from scratch and delivered cold and freshly made within 24 hours.

Chicken corn chowder

Heavy cream and house made chicken stock, yam, baby potato, corn, and house smoked bacon. spiced with roast garlic and smoked paprika.


Vegan green curry

Spicy green curry and coconut broth spiked with shiro miso, ginger and gochujang. garnished with quinoa steeped in more miso with chickpeas, wilted greens, celery, peppers, and bean sprouts.


Chicken noodle

House made chicken stock, chicken chunks celery, carrot, onion and garlic with your choice of noodle packed separately so it doesn't get gummy.


Chicken gumbo

House made chicken stock, celery, bell pepper and onion, okra, chicken stock, chicken chunks and andouille sausage.


Beef stock

House-made beef stock - Not broth. This is a rich and hearty brown stock made from beef knuckles roasted in tomato paste and mirepoix. Full of collagen and gelatin, this stock will reduce down to a beautiful demi glace, or can be sipped hot as a great source of aminos, collagen and b vitamins.


Chicken stock

Housemade chicken stock - Not broth. This is a rich and hearty stock made from blanched chicken backs. Full of collagen and gelatin, this stock will reduce down to a beautiful demi glace, or can be sipped hot as a great source of aminos, collagen and b vitamins.



All Lunches come with a a 4-oz side of fruit and greens salad,  and house made oat bars.

All lunches this week have the added bonus of being Gluten Free!

Also –  lunches can be made vegetarian or vegan for $2


Mexican sushi

2 nori rolls stuffed extra fat with house made re-fried black beans, bell pepper, corn, grilled chicken, and avocado. Served with house chopped pico de gallo, and freshly blended hot sauce.



Half litre of chowder full of black cod, ling cod, and clams. House made seafood broth with potato thai basil, fennel, corn and green curry and coconut milk.


simple salad roll

Vietnamese style salad roll with spot prawn, braised pork belly, quick pickled carrot, winter greens, bean sprouts, and house made peanut sauce.



ling cod and noodles

House-made teriyaki glazed 5 oz ling cod. Japanese buckwheat noodles tossed in a peanut and tahini sauce, Garnished with thinly sliced daikon and red radish, cucumber, bean sprouts and fresh herbs.


10 oz NY

Pan seared and butter basted AAA new york strip cut thick. Pommes anna with fresh rosemary and thyme. Honey roasted carrots with cardamom and coriander. Pot blanched asparagus. Demi-glace.


Pork loin

8 oz pork loin, grilled and topped with maple glazed apples, pistachios and fresh rosemary. Roasted fingerling potato, brocolli, and sous-vide fennel.



  • All pastas are made with hand rolled pasta sheets.
  • All pastas are individual entre sized and come with a side of perfectly cooked market vegetables. 

hand rolled canneloni

3 fat logs of fresh house made pasta stuffed with browned local beef, roast garlic, herbs, squash and goat cheese, marinara of local tomatoes, topped with full fat mozzarella and baked.


Simple lasagna

5 layer(5"x2") slab of lasagna made with fresh, house made pasta, marinara of organic tomatoes, ground beef, spinach, zuchinni, fresh basil, full fat mozzarella.


portabello and eggplant

Grilled portabello mushroom and crsipy fried eggplant layered between fresh spinach and basil, marinara, mozzarella, and crumbled fried tempeh.



Desserts are 5oz  individual portions

spiced apple and blackberry cake

Fresh blackberries and apples baked with cinnamon and served with maple creme anglaise


dulce de leche chocolate torte

date and pecan crust, dulce de leche middle, and dark chocolate, topped with blackberry compote and whipped cream.