Culinary Classes

There is an endless cache of tips, tricks, techniques and flavour combinations available to us as cooks. It is one of the best parts of being human. Culinary classes are an excellent way to step outside your gastronomic comfort zone and flex those creative muscles.


Do you have a special occasion approaching quickly? Do you have a venue? Are you tired of the same old cuisine? Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, charity event, training seminar or fundraiser, if there are people there – they will be hungry. Click the’ learn more’ button to find out how I can be of service for your next big shindig.


Did you just come into some money? Looking to invest in the restaurant business but have no idea about food service. I can help you with that. From menu creation to pricing and staff training, I can help you lay the foundation for a successful entry into the food and beverage business. Click ‘learn more’ below to find out the many ways I can help.

Learn Something New

I offer a wide range of classes for those interested in eating to support a healthy and happy lifestyle. Click on the button for more information on my various types of interactive food experiences or visit Powell River Parks and Recreation to view a list of my upcoming classroom offerings.

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