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SimpleChef Foodservices

New and exciting home delivered food options for Powell River, Lund, and Saltery Bay

Fresh Local ingredients

Covid 19 has made things interesting for us in the food service business. Here’s three ways I can deliver unique and delicious meals to you during this trying time.

  • Professional Quality

I am a certified Red Seal chef with 14 years of experience. Currently I am the Chef at Cabanna Desolation Sound Eco-resort, and the Director of Nourishment for the Miklat Recovery society in Powel River. I have extensive experience working at world class resorts throughout the Kootenays and Canada’s Rockies.

  • Fresh Local Ingredients

From Wildwood to Myrtle beach I try me darndest to focus on what’s in season from our local farmers. 

  • Home Delivery!

Do you like taking the hassle out of dinner? Want something a little different than what’s being offered at your local restaurants?Fresh or frozen, my meals are fully cooked and can be reheated easily using your oven, microwave, or a simple sauce pan

Orders and Reservations

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