Cheffin since 2007

I’ve been cooking professionally for 13+ years, having lived through the grind as a line cook, sous chef, and executive chef I have sought a more sustainable means of practicing my passion and craft and sharing it with as many people as possible. This website is the first step towards realizing that dream.


I am an avid mountain bike rider and snowboarder. I also love the water, and have been known to sea kayak, hike, skateboard, and practice martial arts. All of these activities require me to be well-nourished, but not to the point where I’m putting on excess weight. It is the pursuit of this lifestyle that informs my creativity as a chef

Steve - The SimpleChef



To use the freshest in locally available ingredients in fresh, new ways.


It is my vision to one day sit at the helm of a small, but busy restaraunt cooking my version of west coast inspired dishes.